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Shimano Fireblood Poles

Epic underwater battles, subliminal output and extensive strength merely scratch the surface when it comes to the latest Shimano Fireblood Fishing Pole series. Anglers call these 16 Meter poles a true all-rounder, always notched up to take a dip in any watery circumstances. What’s so special about this particular brand? For once, it relates to Shimano, one of the best fisher companies in the industry.

Secondly, these fishing poles have the GenX Concept touch endorsed to them. GenX was designed for a very limited lineup of Shimano Poles. It ensures interoperability, maximum performance from No20 Power Kits (8 Spare), 3 Match Kits and a deluxe hold-all that’s been made with as much delicacy as possible.

The poles are supplied with a deluxe design carryall. All thanks to the firm sections, effective responsiveness and the overall strength, the Fireblood is truly a fire starter.

  Product Name Price  
Shimano Fireblood Poles Shimano Fireblood Poles £2100.00